Glitches are unintended behavior in software programs. They can cause various issues ranging from benign, such as graphical and audio glitches, to hazardous, such as complete file corruption or deletion of the save file. They could be caused by mistakes in a game's code or exploits that the creator did not anticipate. There are numerous glitches found in this ROM hack.

Glitch Pokémon Edit

Due to an error in the game's coding, one Pokémon is unable to be sent out unless evolved. This Pokémon, known as Metagul, CANNOT be sent in battle. If the player does so, a colored screen will appear and the game freezes. The only way to level up Metagul is by either feeding it Rare Candies or using Exp. Share.

Graag's front (top) and back (bottom)

Plus, it is considered that Graag is a glitched Pokémon, as it does not have a back. It's "back" is the same one as the previously switched out Pokémon, only in Graag's coloring. However, it's front looks completely different.

Additionally, in the game, the ghost Marowak in the Lavender Tower can be seen without a Silph Scope.

Save Glitches Edit

Like most ROM hacks, the save file may be deleted randomly. Sometimes, the game may not save at all.

Location Glitches Edit

When going somewhere in the game, the name tag of the area is present, but has nothing on it.