Shizard is a dual-type Normal/Poison type Pokémon. Shizard is No. 016 on the Pokédex. It is classified as the Tiny Pokémon. It does not like to fight. It hides in tall grass and so on, foraging for food such as small bugs. It evolves into Shicoon starting at level 7 and then evolves into Pidgeot starting at level 36.

Physical Appearance Edit

  • Color: Red (Body) Yellow (Legs)
  • Height: 1'00"
  • Weight: 4.0 lbs.
  • Type: Normal/Poison
  • Front: Visible
  • Back: Visible

Location Edit

  • Route 1 (Grass).
  • Route 22 (Grass).
  • Route 2 (Grass).

Rarity Edit

Quite common; this Pokémon can be found on almost all of the early routes in the game.

Move set Edit

Lv. Move
- Tackle
5 Sand Attack
9 Gust
13 Quick Attack
20 Whirlwind
27 Wing Attack
34 Featherdance
48 Agility
62 Mirror Move

Gender Ratio Edit

50% male, 50% female.